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how is this allowed? 7 years ago
guys going to 3rd world countries literally exploiting young impoverished women. A sick fuck is what he is. At the end of the day, I don't care how beautiful a girl is..if she doesn't enjoy, neither can I. i've always been that way
Hardfuck34 8 years ago
I have psych problems. this shit is awesome!
Ducky 5 years ago
I watch p*** to jerk off when my wife ain't in the mood. And I happened to stumble across this BS. I can't jerk off to this kind of s***. I watch several videos. None of these little ladies look 18 years old how can you jerk off to rape
Lalala 3 years ago
Someone save her...
Trevor 5 years ago
Of course she dont want to do it.. but she needs to do it.. no education means you got to sell you sexy ass to survive..could be worse.. she could be ugly and have let dirty old men fuck her up the ass on beach road up against a bin at 3 in the morning..
Nope thats nasty 3 years ago
That dudes dick is fucking weird (bloody tip) and his cum is wrong too. Girls are looking at his dick thinking please dont put that nasty shit in my mouth. Dude needs to spend his money on a doctor.
Dr Phil 8 years ago
That guy has some severe psych problems.
God 6 years ago
Straight raped the lil lady, That's fucked up. You can clearly see she hates that shit, wish i could beat his ass
This is rape 5 years ago
This is rape tho just look at her
Woofy 6 years ago
What's the girls name? Any more videos of her?