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Rumnj 2 years ago
She is a robot motionless and emotionless.
She was just a customer 2 years ago
The reason she didnt respond to his hard penis was probably because she wasn't emotionally attached to him. It may have been her first massage with a stranger. It did look like he molested her...probably why she wasn't feeling excited. She's probably tired of being molested by this man. I cant see being attached to anyone who hurts a womans vaginal opening.
PinoyBastard 9 months ago
I did this to my Filipina Aunty. Having recently been divorced from her white husband who stopped fucking her years prior, i knew she needed cock. She helped herself to my hard boner and she's a sex queen. She's still my favorite fuck.
1 year ago
I hope she's not a victim of sex trafficking.No emotion at all.
Raj 6 months ago
Need to job in spa please tell me
gggg 3 years ago
عاشق الطيز 2 years ago
بإمكان الرجل إكمال المساج ولكنه لم يتحمل المشهد وقام بنكحها بوركت يارجل أحسنت صنعا