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3 years ago
Such fake bullshit
3 years ago
Don't mind people 'enjoying their self together' no matter if it's interracial or whatever they all agree upon. There is nothing better than everyone being in harmony about sexual activity.
Yet, do not like to see a purported connotation that it's ok to physically harm someone in order to achieve a goal of taking their woman from them. This type parody is recently becoming more common in porn . So, I gave it a thumb down. I did not get off on this at all. Hope you do as well.
Deez nuts 3 years ago
Why do these white dudes agree to bullshit like this? If I was white I would never film something like this and embarrass myself. Dunno what’s worse, these weak ass white dudes that agree to this or these nasty ass nigga loving white whores.
Oscar worthy 3 years ago
Nigga did a whole ass flip he needs to be nominated
3 years ago
These comments are fucking amazing...
Just Stop 3 years ago
Stop with the unnecessary bad acting, just fuck. Fucking retard producers and consumers
3 years ago
I would bring my girlfriend there..
3 years ago
Her facial expressions were distracting me from jerking off. I watched half the video just in awe of her silly looking faces lmao
3 years ago
Wow. Looks like a TNA match
3 inch blonde 2 years ago
BBC is awesome