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Ok but 6 years ago
After nutting, that's when I realized she isn't actually as hot as I previously thought.
jakul 8 years ago
Shes hot
nice 10 years ago
I would have been sucking those perfect Korean toes and licking her soles while I creampied her. She is so hot.
Really 7 years ago
Korean Studant... More like School Girl getting drilled by old purv
man_on_top 3 years ago
Nothing sick about it. She's is very good at what she does, so is probably a professional.
Most guys would probably be happy to have been in his place. She's hot, but not overly pretty.
Tony 6 years ago
I never understood why would a woman fuck with a condom and suck a dick without one. Whore tendencies
kim 9 years ago
man_on_top 3 years ago
It's a shame to shave off her pretty cunt hair, though.
It's natural, not too thick, and all ladies should have 'em, not just Asian girls.
Plus, please remember that older men need sex too, perhaps a little less often.
Vitiate 7 years ago
The old man's just so damn happy to be gettin' laid for the first time in years
OddJob 1 year ago
Kim Soo Ah. She is really attractive, for the first time in years I'm jealous. Older men should be able to enjoy life too, and Oriental girls are special. But girls, please don't shave that pussy, it's the golden triangle of womanhood